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Marrelli and Associates, Inc. provides international consultative services to universities, colleges, hospitals, home health agencies, and hospice programs in the areas of management, compliance, OASIS, accreditation, and other quality initiatives, daily operations, and clinical documentation. E-mail Tina Marrelli at

April 6, 2015 - HEALTHCAREfirst and Tina Marrelli, Home Health Industry Expert, Partner to Improve Compliance for Home Care Agencies

HEALTHCAREfirst, the pioneer in Web-based software and services for home health and hospice care, announced today that it has partnered with Tina Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN President of Marrelli & Associates, Inc. to improve compliance by integrating the industry’s leading clinical guidance materials into its home health and hospice software. by integrating the industry’s leading clinical guidance materials into its home health and hospice software. Click here to learn more.

January 20, 2015 - "The Little Red Book" is in stock now!

We have the Handbook of Home Health Standards, Quality, Documentation and Reimbursment in stock and available for immediate shipping. Know the rules and improve and individualize your documentation! Click here to order.


"The Handbook of Home Health Standards, or "The Little Red Book" has been my "go-to" book over the past 16 years. I used it first as a new staff nurse and more recently as a manager to understand and explain the whole picture for documentation and reimbursement guidelines. It was the first reference book I found that put all the pieces together in one place with effective methods and tips for documenation required for reimbursement."

- Gladys Polzien, RN, MSN - 16 years home health experience, (staff nurse, clinical reimbursement coordinator)

"I recommend that all Agencies purchase The Handbook of Home Health Standards for their DON's and field staff. The book is a valuable resource in planning individualized care for each patient and also is an integral resource in the construction of a thorough Medicare 485 (POC). Because the book is organized according to systems, it is quick for the nurse to find the sections that pertain to her patient and thereby assure that necessary interventions and goals are addressed. Utilizing The Handbook of Home Health Standards will lend to achieving positive outcomes for the home health care patient. Further, care, documented according to HH Standards, will be reimbursable under scrutiny. It works in today's environment for Medicare Home Health."

- Margery Harvey-Griffith, MS, RN - Home Care Consultant, South Florida

Click here to order!

"I really want to commend you on the Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care books - both the Instructor Manual and the handbook are SO well done. We will be using it frequently for on-going training with our CNA's. Your company's customer service is some of the best I've ever seen. Quick response, fast shipping, and great rates on excellent products. You should be proud!"

- Chris Redner Director of Operations, Nurse Care, Durham, NC

"Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care Handbook and the companion Instructor Manual outline a clear roadmap for instructors, and expectations for home health aides, to follow in the training and delivery of patient care services in the home. As payers continually look for improved and cost-effective patient outcomes in both "for profit" and "not-for-profit" agencies, the standardization of clinical practices based upon individualized assessments and professional standards of care have provided a vehicle to measure and improve patient care delivery. Tina's 2nd Edition of Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care definitely provides the foundation for establishing an agency's standard of home health aide practice."

- Lynda Hilliard, RN, MBA, CHC, Life Sciences & Healthcare Regulatory Services, Deloitte & Touche

"Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care Handbook is concise and thorough pocket resource for home health aides to use in day-to-day practice and for just-in-time training. Easily used by preceptors to orient new staff, it is a useful tool to orient new employees to the role of home health aide. It packs a lot of information in an easy to use and transportable format!!!"

- Maureen Williams, MEd, RN, BC, Regional Director, Capital Hospice, Leesburg & Manassas, Virginia

"The Nurse Manager Survival Guide is an ideal resource for a novice manager or experienced leader trying to get a handle on the complex issues facing them each day. The book is perfect for real managers facing real challenges in today's complex health care world. Armed with practical knowledge and useful insights for the front line nurse manager, the NMSG can also serve as a reference guide or a template for nursing manager orientation. The 'Manager Tip Boxes' included in each chapter are packed with information applicable in any health care setting. Finally nurse managers have a very readable, insightful and useful book that offers solutions to everyday nursing management challenges!"

- Diane E. Scott, RN, MSN - President, Nursing Mentors Group, Midlothian, Virginia

"I want to thank you for your wonderful book called Nurse Manager Survival Guide. I worked as a nurse manager when I lived in Honolulu for about 6 years. I recently relocated to Washington State to a very small town called Aberdeen. I work for a 110 bed hospital as the nurse educator. I am working on staff development and also management development (for nursing and other areas). I have been using information that I learned from your book to teach communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, team building, etc. There is a lot of information in your book that is great for nurses especially those of us who are rather new to management and the business aspects of the role. My only wish was that someone had given me your book when I was a brand new manager. Had I had this book earlier in my career, I would have been much more prepared to deal with my management experience. It is a great book that has taught me a lot about what things that I needed to know about leading and managing."

- Ronald Oman, MSN, RN - Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Aberdeen, WA (Formerly of Kapiolani Medical Center and St. Francis Health System, Honolulu, HI)


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