The Short Version

Marrelli and Associates collects the least user/subscriber information we possibly can, and we share it with no one, ever. And we won’t use it to try to sell you anything else, or otherwise annoy you.

The Long Version

Marrelli and Associates collects and retains user information for purposes of maintaining subscriptions to Red Book Care Planning. User information collected consists of

  • Email address, which must be a legitimate, functioning address
  • User Id, which may be any unique value (among Red Book subscribers) and need not be real name of any person
  • Password, which may be any value of the user’s determination

Subscriber user information is retain securely in encrypted data stores accessible only to Marrelli and Assoiates and Red Book Care Planning application(s).

Marrelli and Associates will use subscriber’s email address solely for the purpose of communicating with subscriber regarding the subscription. Marrelli and Associates does not use subscribers’ email addresses for any other purpose, will not sell, supply, exchange, or otherwise provide email addresses to any other party, nor use the email address to solicit the subscriber for any other product or service. Marrelli and Associates securely discards subscriber email after 60 days of subscription expiration. 60 days are to allow time to reinstate an expired subscription.