The Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation and Reimbursement (Case of 22)

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The new 2012, revised, reprint of the best-selling, widely-used Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation and Reimbursement is now available!

The 2012, revised, reprint provides new tips and information related to OASIS-C, including Rules for Data Collection, Documenting the Comprehensive Assessment, (including the OASIS-C!), Preparing the POC (with a Real-World Patient Example), A Directory of Evidenced-Based and Other Resources, Updated Medicare Guidelines, and much, much, more!

In print for over 20 years, many successful organizations have these handbooks as a standard part of the team member visit bag. This revised edition offers more safety, physical functional and therapy components to assist you with “refinement” rules. Puts all team members literally on the same pages and enhances coordination and communication (and “hand-offs”) across and among disciplines! 738 pages.


  1. Mary

    Tina was the first in the home care industry to establish documentation guidelines to assure regulatory compliance through “The Little Red Book”. It’s now a seminal publication and important for each home care nurse to have as a reference. As a home care industry pioneer and leader, Tina brings numerous years of experience and knowledge to her clients and audiences to help best them understand documentation requirements and coverage criteria to assure reimbursement. These principles learned can then be taken to best plan and individualize the patient’s care…she is the best!

    – Mary McGoldrick, MS, RN, CRNI®, Home Care and Hospice Consultant, Home Health Systems, Inc.

  2. Margery

    “I recommend that all Agencies purchase The Handbook of Home Health Standards for their DON’s and field staff. The book is a valuable resource in planning individualized care for each patient and also is an integral resource in the construction of a thorough Medicare 485 (POC). Because the book is organized according to systems, it is quick for the nurse to find the sections that pertain to her patient and thereby assure that necessary interventions and goals are addressed. Utilizing The Handbook of Home Health Standards will lend to achieving positive outcomes for the home health care patient. Further, care, documented according to HH Standards, will be reimbursable under scrutiny. It works in today’s environment for Medicare Home Health.”

    – Margery Harvey-Griffith, MS, RN

  3. Gladys

    “The Handbook of Home Health Standards, or “The Little Red Book” has been my “go-to” book over the past 16 years. I used it first as a new staff nurse and more recently as a manager to understand and explain the whole picture for documentation and reimbursement guidelines. It was the first reference book I found that put all the pieces together in one place with effective methods and tips for documenation required for reimbursement.”

    – Gladys Polzien, RN, MSN

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