Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment

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As our global population ages, the percentage of those over age 60 will nearly double in size-from 12 to 22 percent by 2050*. This demographic shift will increase the demand for home care nursing as healthcare providers seek to keep older adults healthier and out of acute-care settings. Tina M. Marrelli’s new book, Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment, is the definitive resource for understanding the challenges and complexities of home-based healthcare. Written without jargon or insider acronyms, Home Care Nursing is a practical yet comprehensive guidebook valuable to anyone connected to home care nursing services, including:

  • All levels of experienced nurses with an interest in home care nursing
  • Administrators, clinical reviewers, policymakers, and insurers who oversee home care nursing
  • Physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who refer patients to home care services
  • Social workers, pharmacist, and hospital staff who prepare patients to return home

Each chapter is packed with questions, answers, discussion topics, and additional resources, making this book an excellent reference and guide to home care. Whatever your experience level, this book will prepare you for an exciting, rewarding career in this nursing specialty perfectly poised for growth and longevity.

About the Author

Tina M. Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN, is President of Marrelli and Associates Inc., a publishing and consulting firm working in healthcare for more than 20 years. She is the author of numerous books, including the Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation, and Reimbursement, which is in its fifth revised reprint edition. Previously, Marrelli worked at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Medicare Part A home care and hospice policies and operations.

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